About LTrace

At LTrace, we offer more than just another sterilizer tracking system. We’re here to revolutionize the way hospitals pack and manage their sterilized equipment with our cutting-edge software which empowers hospitals like yours to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and most importantly, prioritize patient safety. With just a simple scan of a tray’s barcode, you unlock a world of convenience and accuracy:

Quick Access to Vital Infomation

Say goodbye to guesswork and confusion. Our system provides your staff with immediate access to essential details such as photos, instructions, count sheets, and warnings. No more wasted time searching for misplaced documents or deciphering handwritten notes.

Empowering Technology

Our intuitive platform puts valuable information directly into the hands of your staff, enabling them to process trays efficiently and effectively. By eliminating errors and delays, your team can focus on delivering top-notch patient care.

Precision Labeling

But we don’t stop at barcodes. Our unique labelling system ensures accuracy at every step of the process. Each label includes precise details such as the tray’s accurate name, storage location, loan set information (including the assigned surgeon and patient), and important warnings like “Heavy Load”. This comprehensive labelling system minimizes the risk of incorrect labelling or miscommunication, enhancing patient safety and operational efficiency.

At LTrace, we understand the importance of reliable equipment management in providing quality healthcare. That’s why we’re committed to delivering practical solutions that meet your needs. Join us in simplifying your sterilizer tracking process. Choose LTrace for peace of mind and efficiency.