The Key to


What does it take?

By recording some key facts it is you can provide comprehensive traceability. This information includes:

Hospitals use various methods like barcodes, etched markings, or serial numbers to label items for identification. This helps you track these items between uses. Some items are tracked individually, while others are traced to a sterilization batch.

The level of tracking differs between hospitals. you may keep instruments together on trays without scanning each one separately, or alternatively separate instruments after surgery and need precise identification to put them back in the right tray. Individual instrument identification is vital in these cases.

With this information, you can:

CJD Reporting

CJD reporting requires being able to track any instruments used on an infected patient. This includes either:

In both cases, it is critical that you can uniquely identify instruments within the system especially all high-risk instruments. It is also important that you have a process in place that ensures that the same instrument is kept with the same tray.