Batch tracking

Batches are generated for each operation involving sterilizers and washers, and the outcomes of these runs can be recorded within the database. This comprehensive recording system enables the easy production of a full audit trail, demonstrating the proper functioning of all equipment.

Similarly, any failures can be promptly identified and flagged by supervisors, facilitating timely actions and maintenance interventions to address issues with the equipment. This streamlined process ensures efficient monitoring, maintenance, and documentation of the operational status of sterilizers and washers.

Service history

The system allows for the recording and management of service calls and breakdowns, maintaining a comprehensive history of each job and the contact details of the repairer. Dedicated screens provide quick access to all active jobs, as well as those requiring follow-up. Supervisors can efficiently oversee existing issues, track progress, and, in the event of staff absence, delegate follow-up responsibilities to others. This ensures a streamlined and organized approach to handling service-related matters, promoting efficient issue resolution and maintenance management.