Life Cycle

LTrace makes it easy to track sterilization and decontamination labels in medical settings. Check the life cycle of a label on the right. The colour code signals successful sterilization, and the unique ID printed on each label gives a complete history of where the item has been used.

Sterilisation Labels

Sterilization labels are individually printed for specific items and then grouped. This is useful when items are being washed and prepared for sterilization. Commonly, we can’t always predict which items will be included in a sterilization batch.

Washing Labels

Washing labels are printed in bulk and grouped during printing. This is practical when washing involves a limited variety of items, and numerous labels are needed.

Stock Labels

Stock labels are printed for items that don’t undergo washing or sterilization but still require tracking. These labels are obtained from an external supplier and may be distributed by CSSD.

Customised Labels

Labels can be customised by:

  • Changing their layout (e.g. size, position, length) in Label View. Images, text and barcodes can be added.
  • Changing the content (e.g. number, name, barcode number) can be changed on the fly as each label is printed using LTrace. 

To make this happen, each label is linked to specific database fields. LTrace stores a record for every printed label, and labels are organized in various ways to ensure traceability and swift setup. Additionally, the system can automatically switch the label format based on the item being sterilized or decontaminated. For instance, bowls might use one format, while trays use another. Most of this customization is handled in the background, so operators only need to choose the item needing a label, and the correct format is then printed with the necessary information.