CSSD Sterilising

Label batching

Labels can be grouped together in batches during the sterilization process, creating an audit trail from the sterilization time. The batch details, along with a checklist, serve as a verification tool to ensure proper sterilization. If any items within the batch are discovered to be inadequately sterilized later on, the system facilitates the identification and removal of the affected items from circulation. This swift identification helps prevent the use of potentially unsterilized items, reducing the risk of infection spread.

The comprehensive audit trail provided by the system contributes to quickly confirming adherence to correct procedures, ensuring accountability and quality control.


Batching can take place at the time of label printing, eliminating the need for double handling of items or scanning. This time-saving approach benefits the staff responsible for sterilizing, while packing staff incur minimal additional time and cost.

Test batches

Test batches are also monitored within LTrace, creating a comprehensive history of the sterilizer in one centralized location. This feature enables quick reporting on the overall usage of all equipment, streamlining the tracking and analysis of sterilization processes.