CSSD Packaging


Usage Areas

Determine all areas where the items will be used. This can be as specific or generic as required. For example, it could simply be “Theatres” or each theatre can be individually identified, or specific storage locations can be identified. 



A customer is a billing entity and can be:

  • Departments
  • Specific doctors or surgeons
  • External companies, doctors or hospitals



Determine all sterilising and washing equipment. This may also include endoscope units.

Override reasons

Determine why an expired item may be reused. 



Determine all employees. This needs to include:

  • All employees involved with sterilising
  • All employees involved with the tracking and use of the items
  • All employees who need access to the system for reporting purposes


Rejection reasons

Determine all the reasons why an item can be rejected. Three distinct sets of rejection reasons are required:

  • Individual items within a sterilisation batch
  • An entire batch
  • Individual items once they have been distributed




It is possible to customise labels by:

  • Changing the layout of the label including the position, size and font of the text
  • Using graphics such as a logo or a warning
  • Changing the database fields that are used to update the text on the label
  • Using specific layouts on a group, subgroup or item.