Patient identification

Patient identification can be linked to an item when it is used, creating a thorough audit trail of all items utilized on a patient. This trail extends back to the batch in which the item was sterilized. Identification of the previous and next patients using the same physical item is also possible, provided the item has consistent components each time. Patient information in LTrace is limited to their identification number, ensuring that sensitive details are not exposed within the system; rather, such information remains within the facility’s patient software. This design allows for a quick and efficient audit trail in case of any issues with the patient, facilitating checks on the previous and next patients to ensure they were not affected.

Additionally, identification of other patients who used items from the same batch is feasible, all while maintaining the confidentiality of patient information.

Finding items

The location of an item (label) within the facility can be easily updated as it moves, enabling quick and precise item location tracking. This functionality also allows for the determination of the number of sterilized items in circulation, their specific locations, and those awaiting sterilization.

This real-time tracking saves time in locating items when needed. In cases of recalls, items can be swiftly identified, minimizing the risk of unintended usage and contributing to a more efficient and reliable system.

Operator tracking

The person responsible for printing the label is also in charge of inspecting the sterilization results.