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It is our goal at Ltrace to offer you the best practice solution through our standard software however is not uncommon for installations to have unique or custom requirements, such as:

LTrace can be customized to meet your specific needs and help save your staff time, money, effort, and stress. We aim to provide you with a simple and cost-effective solution that caters to the unique requirements of your facility.


LTrace provides you with essential functions for item decontamination, including Decontaminated-only Items and Sterilized Items.

Decontaminated only items

When you load or receive a decontamination load you can specify the number of decontaminated-only items. You can then choose to print labels for each of these items which is especially useful when your items will later be bagged. Once labelled, you can track the location of each item and link it to a patient when it’s used. 

This will also simplify your invoicing process by providing you with information on how many items are being sterilized for a patient and who will be using each item.

Sterilised items

You can trace any potential cross-contamination by tracking the decontamination load an item is processed in and if needed you can immediately recall that entire load to stop further infection. When you return items to the system after use by:

You can mark it as “Returned to CSSD” or add it to a decontamination batch for further processing.


LTrace helps you ensure that:

Furthermore, if you later discover there was a problem with a sterilised item it is possible to determine:

You can then recall items or entire batches if necessary.

Process – Packing

your process when packing an item is simplified with LTrace. Once you have scanned the item, you will receive:

After packing the item, you can create a label, a count sheet and any additional sticker required to show missing items in a tray.

Process – Sterilising

The goal of our system is to establish a clear link between every one of your items and the load or batch in which it is sterilized. You can do this by:

Once your trollies have been sterilized, they undergo inspection in LTrace. This inspection process typically takes less than a minute, and the trolley is either marked as passed or failed.

Item Tracking

The most common method for tracking items throughout your facility is by using barcode scanners. A barcode is conveniently located on the tray. Once you scan it and all the other items as they are received, the label can be used to display information such as:

Item Usage

At the start of surgery, a blank sheet of paper has a patient label affixed to the top. As items are used, you simply remove the attached label and stick it onto the patient sheet getting rid of the need for any PC during surgery. In an emergency, when you are quickly opening items, the label will remain with the packaging until after surgery.

After surgery, you enter the patient code into LTrace and scan the labels on the patient sheet. This usually takes less than a minute and once the item has been scanned to the patient, your audit trail is nearly complete. you can track the item from the patient back to the batch, back to previous patients, or forward to the next patient.