Stage 2: Extra hardware in CSSD

1 Printer and multiple copies of L-Trace, minimal selection, one scanner


Packing: Staff would use a computer to run L-Trace. It is recommended that one computer be used per packing area. This allows the staff to have immediate access to labels as well as being able to have an image or list in front of them.  The database selection is still minimal with types of trays etc being specified but not individual trays. One common printer would be used for printing labels.

  • Stock and Decontamination: Bulk labels can be printed for stock or decontaminated items. 
  • Sterilising: A PC would be used with a scanner to scan items into or out of the steriliser. This allows the sterilised items to be batched together for traceability. The extra PC means that the staff member responsible for sterilising is not trying to share a PC with other staff.
  • Usage: As items are used the labels would be placed on a patient sheet. These would then be scanned in using the PC with the scanner. This also allows costs to be tracked to a surgery, surgeon or patient.


CJD patient traceability No


  • The minimal selection means that the setup of the system is still very quick. There is no need to do a complete audit of the facility.
  • Staff do not have to wait for the PC to become available and it will be conveniently located on the workbench.
  • Traceability of an item to the sterilisation batch and the patient. That is, you will be able to quickly identify all items sterilised in the same batch as instruments used on a patient or all patients that used instruments that were sterilised in a batch.
  • Costs can be allocated to a surgeon or patient.


This is the recommended starting point for a CSSD that wants to control its budget but wants to save its staff time. This arrangement still relies on patient tracking being optionally done in CSSD.