Stage 5: All of CSSD

Focus on decontamination and an extra printer to simplify life


  • Packing: This has not changed. It is still recommended to have one PC per packing table and at least one label printer for sterilised labels (with an indicator strip).
  • Stock and Decontamination: Bulk labels can be printed for stock or decontaminated items. The second printer allows stickers without an indicator strip to be easily used. The printer would allow decontaminated only items to be printed in bulk if necessary. Items can be scanned back into the wash area once they have been used. This means that their location is updated but more importantly the decontamination load is recorded with the item.
  • The theatre process remains the same.


CJD patient traceability Yes


Full accountability including tracking an item:

  • From the decontamination load, it was initially washed in, 
  • To the sterilisation load,
  • To the patient,
  • To the decontamination load, it was finally washed in,
  • And through the entire cycle again. This is a key requirement in managing CJD cases.
  • Tracking items to a surgery for the tracking of costs 
  • Tracking items back to the batch and onto other patients if a sterilisation batch failed 
  • Tracking items from a decontamination load through the sterilisation load