LTrace provides the following key functions when decontaminating items:

  • Decontaminated only items: Tracking them to the decontamination batch and optionally printing labels for them.
  • Sterilised items: Tracking them to the decontamination batch from before they were sterilised and after they were used.
  • Decontaminated only items

    As a decontaminated load is loaded or accepted, the user can specify how many decontaminated only items were present.

    LTrace will optionally print labels for each of these items. This is useful for where the items will be bagged. Once labeled, the location of the item can be tracked and assigned to a patient once it is used.

    Invoicing is also simplified by knowing how many items are being sterilised for a customer as well as knowing who is using the item.

    Sterilised items

    Once an item has been used by a patient it is decontaminated. By tracking which load an item is decontaminated in it is possible to track cross contamination.

    As an item is being sterilised it is possible (if it is a uniquely identified item) to automatically track it back to the previous decontamination batch. From this, if there was any issue with dirty items then the sterilised items could be recalled.

    When the item is returned to CSSD then:

  • the item’s unique identified (eg barcode) can be scanned to identify the item, or
  • the item’s sterilisation label can be used to scan the item, or
  • the user can select from a list of recently used items
  • These items can either be marked as “Returned to CSSD” or added to a decontamination batch.

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