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LTrace contains a number of standard reports as well as customisable reports.

The custom label list is one of the most flexible and powerful methods to get information back from LTrace.

Information includes:

  • the type of item (group and subgroup) that was used
  • the item that was used including:
    • description
    • serial number
    • price
    • weighting
  • the patient that used the item
  • the batch the item was sterilised and/or decontaminated in
  • the users who packed the item, sterilised it and then used it
  • the customer who will be billed
  • the current location of the item
  • the location where the item was used

Information can also be displayed in detail, hidden, or grouped for counting. This allows custom reports such as monthly usage reports for equipment, customers or items.

CJD Reporting

CJD reporting requires being able to track any instruments used on an infected patient:

  • back to previous patients if trying to determine the source of infection, or
  • forwards to successive patients if trying to determine who else may have been infected

In both cases it is critical to be able to uniquely identify instruments within the system. All high risk instruments need to be uniquely identified within the system.

It is also important to have a process in place that ensures that the same instrument is kept with the same tray.