LTrace helps the staff to ensure that:

  • the correct instrument is being sterilised
  • that all instruments are present on a tray or bowl
  • it is correctly laid out
  • any additional instructions are followed

The item is tracked to a specific sterilisation batch. The results of the sterilisation batch can be recorded.

If, in the future, it is discovered that there was a problem with a sterilised item it is possible to determine:

  • who prepared the item for sterilisation
  • what other items were sterilised in the same load/batch
  • who accepted the load/batch after sterilisation

Items can then be recalled if necessary.

Process – packing

When the staff start to pack an item they will find it in the LTrace software. This can be achieved by:

  • scanning a barcode on the tray/bowl/instrument, or
  • searching for its name in the database, or
  • navigating through a group/subgroup structure

Once the correct item is found, LTrace will display:

  • a photo of the item (if available)
  • instructions on what to do (if required)
  • an inventory of all instruments and quantities
  • access to photos of each instrument (if available)

Once the item has been packed the operator will create a label and optionally a count sheet. The label is stuck to the outside of the parcel. If any items are missing extra stickers are printed detailing what is missing.

Process – sterilising

The aim is to link every item with the load/batch that it is sterilised in. This can be done by:

  • automatically assigning it to the next load when printing the label. No additional staff intervention is required.
  • scanning a bar code on the trolley and then scanning the items on the trolley.
  • selecting the items in software and adding them to a trolley.

Once a trolley has been sterilised it will be inspected and either passed or failed in LTrace. This process takes less than a minute.


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