The perfect superuser

What is a super user?

At each site we would like a couple of users that know the system very well, and are the “go to person” for help and answers. This doesn’t mean that they will have all the answers, but will be able to deal with the simpler queries.

For questions or problems they can’t solve, they are the ones that are likely to call us. 

We ensure that the super user is up to date with changes. We also try to ensure they have a good understanding of not only what LTrace does, but also why. 

The benefit of having a super user include:

  • minor issues can be quickly resolved.
  • larger issues can be tracked and followed up on
  • we are free to focus on bigger issues or new features
  • new features are effectively implemented

How many super users?

We recommend that each section has at least one super user. That is, we recommend that there is a super user in CSSD and a different one in theatre.

In theatre, LTrace is relatively simple and eventually one super user is usually sufficient. During roll-out, you may want to have additional super-users across shifts.

In CSSD, the super-user will have more responsibilities. During the first year it is beneficial to have a couple super-users to cover the shifts. 

Qualities of a good super-user

There are normally a couple of people who have the qualities needed to be a great super-user. Following are some of the attributes we recommend, or possible issues you need to be aware of:

  1. Tech savvy: The super-user doesn’t need a degree in IT, but they do need to be comforable using a computer. 
  2. Open to change: Hospitals are places where change and individuality are frowned upon. During implementation, the super-user is ideally someone who is open to change (not necessarily eager to change, just open to it). 
  3. Experienced: The super-user needs to know how things are done and ideally how things are done in your specific facility. This is not a role for a new employee.
  4. Authorised or respected: The super-user can potentially make significant decisions and big changes to the system. They need to have clear guidelines as to what they can change, and they also need a clear method to implement change. This may be to inform the manager, but ideally they need to have enough authority or respect for others to listen to them.
  5. Available: Unfortunately by the time someone meets the above criteria they are typically swamped with other responsibilities. The super user needs to be contactable and have time available each day to answer questions.