Changing the order on count sheets

There are a couple new features to assist with quickly setting the sequence of items on a count sheet.

Navigation Buttons

The up and down arrows on the right hand strip allow you to move the selected component (instrument) up or down.

This is useful for quickly moving a single component to a new location.

Using the mouse wheel

The “use wheel” check box next to the arrows turns on a feature to rapidly move components.

Turn the check box on, select the component you want moved, and then simply spin the mouse wheel to move it to the required location.

Manually changing the sequence

You can still manually go in and change the sequence numbers on this table.

Coming Soon : Component Grouping

Coming very soon will be the ability to group components together (e.g. scissors).

This component grouping will occur before the sequence number grouping. 

Odd behaviour?

Technically, the component isn’t being moved up or down one line, it is swapping the sequence number with the next sequence number above or below it.

Where that becomes important is if you have two or more components with the same sequence number. 

Firstly, the order that those two or more components will appear on the screen and pick list is random and may not stay the same.

When you try to move one of them, it may appear to jump two or three as it bypasses all the other components with the same sequence number.

The only way to fix this is to manually change the sequence numbers to split them, or use the “Autosequence” feature.


The autosequence button will change the sequence numbers to be 10, 20, 30 etc based on the order in which the components had been added to the database.

The reason why it goes 10, 20, 30 etc instead of 1,2,3… is to make it easier to later insert components between the existing ones. You don’t have to keep this sequence, but we have found it very useful in the past.