Key benefits in sterilisation


What was on this load?

The most obvious benefit is that you know exactly what was on a load, not just the type of item, but the actual item.


Where are they now?

You know exactly where they are. If you need to recall them you just walk up to the shelf and get them. 


Who used them?

You also know if a patient has used them. There is no need to search through patient notes. It’s all there.


What's in this load?

Know what is in a steriliser right now without having to wait for the cycle to finish. 

Theatre staff really appreciate this when they are waiting for that one critical item.


Did it pass?

Record other test results including biologicals in the one place.


No stealing!

If someone takes an item that hasn’t been sterilised then they will be blocked from using it with a patient. It is not until the entire load is released that any item can be used.



Know who loaded the sterilisers and who released a load.



If a load fails then all items can be rejected. If any of these items are then scanned to a patient then the nurse will be alerted.


Fast track

If an item is required urgently in theatre then the staff will be reminded.