Key benefits in theatre

Very little

We realise that time in theatre is absolutely critical. That’s why we try to minimise how much time theatre staff need to spend using LTrace.

Our goal is to give you as much as possible for as little as possible.


Where is...?

Need a specific tray? LTrace can instantly tell you where every item is. No more wasted time searching for items.


What is...?

No more guesswork trying to decipher a scrawl. All items are clearly labelled.

No more surprises

If a tray is missing an item, it is clearly shown on the outside. Don’t wait until the patient is on the table to discover you are missing a critical instrument.


Fast track

Need an item back quickly? LTrace will alert CSSD staff throughout the process to ensure a faster turnaround.

Timely Messages

Need to pass on a message to CSSD staff such as a request to sharpen an instrument? LTrace will show the message when they are next inspecting it.

CSSD staff can also send you messages for when they need the theatre nurse or surgeon to do something.


If an item isn’t sterilised, or has been recalled, or used by another patient then you will be notified immediately.

ID Checking

If an NHI number is required, it is checked to ensure it is valid. If the patient information is available then it will be displayed, ensuring that items are correctly assigned.


If possible, information from your patient management system is passed to LTrace to speed up the entry of patient details.


Who are you?

LTrace can also record other infection control information such as who was present during a procedure and who had particular roles.