What are the benefits of a printed label?

Easy Identification

Avoid all the problems of messy hand writing by having a clear and consistent description of what the item is.
Save opening the mystery parcels for Christmas and birthdays.

Easy Identification

When we ask users what they like most about LTrace, this is often the first one mentioned. The benefit of clear identification can’t be overstated.


Remind staff to check that the wrapping was intact and that the indicator strip has changed colour.


Information such as department or shelf can be included. This helps new staff know where an item has to be stored. Avoid wasting time looking for incorrectly stored items.

Missing Items

Extra labels can be printed if an item is missing. Save staff opening a tray just to discover the essential instrument is missing..

Processed Date

Know how long ago an item was sterilised. This is great for stock rotation and identifying items that were sterilised too long ago.

Intended Surgeon

If the item has a specific use then this can be included.o.

Consistent Naming

Decide now what an item is called. Don’t leave it up to the individual on the day.