Key benefits in pack and wrap


Photos of what the instrument or tray looks like. Eliminate mistakes by clearly showing what the item is, how it is to be laid out, and even add comments.

Count sheet

Recipe / count sheet that are up to date and in front of the staff. No need to rifle through filing cabinets only to discover the last copy was used. Changes are immediately available for everyone. The count sheet can be automatically printed for items.


Instructions are available to the person packing and can also be printed on the count sheet. Manufacturer instructions can easily be accessed.

Fast Track

Staff are notified if an item is fast tracked, as well as being able to see all fast track requests.

Printed Label

Items are clearly identified and will have a consistent name. For more benefits on the label click here

Instant find

Scan the barcode on the tray to instantly find it. Eliminate the guess work. Spend more time inspecting than searching!

Missing Instruments

Document if instruments have been sent for repair or are missing. An extra label is available for the outside to notify theatre that something is missing.


Loansets can be easily managed through the process. It is possible to access the original documents and photos (if loanset process is implemented).